Yes Ma'am

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Ladies, does your man fall short when it comes to saying the right thing at the right time? Does he frequently provide you with insensitive, flimsy or immature responses to even the simplest of your tasks or requests? Well "Yes Maam" is the App for you. No longer must you listen to frustrating and irritating male reactions to your reasonable wishes -- instead, let "Yes Maam" do the job right and consistently deliver you the appropriate, pleasing and timely response that you want and deserve.

Some of the thoughtful and considerate replies include commenting on how slimming a new dress looks, a man expressing his disdain for TV sports, as well as true gentleman asking you all about your day, and more!

Put the virtual "Yes Maam" to work for you when a physical man isnt up to the task. With this practical and cathartic App, you are able to hear a man say the right thing every time and anytime you want or NEED to hear it.

Liberate yourself and trust "Yes Maam" to give you the right response from a man on-time, every time.